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Updated: May 22, 2020

Subject: Math

Level: Secondary 3

Chapter: Trigonometry, Area of Plane Figures

Topic / Sub-topic: Applications of Trigonometric Ratios and Areas of Plane Figures to Real World Context

Type: Individual or group work


This virtual learning lab consist of a total of 2 activities involving the application of trigonometry knowledge to solve real world challenges.

Activity Overview

Mr. Tan, a house owner needs to paint his building and he needs to know the volume of paints he will need.

Students will be operating in a fairly unguided environment to simulate real world scenarios and have to make decision of what to and what kind of trigonometry principles, knowledge of area of planes & metric conversion to find the volume of paints needed to paint a building.

Students will work in 2-3 students per group and are encouraged to discuss the problems and possible ways to solve them.

Learning Objectives:

  1. To identify and apply the trigonometric ratios to real-life scenarios in a self - paced environment.

  2. To allow students to make unguided decision on how to use the tools provided and be able to find the unknown variables to solve problems.

Lesson Package

The lesson package comes fully setup. No technical skills needed for teachers:

  1. 20 student avatars

  2. 2 teacher avatars

  3. 1 x One click setup backup lesson rez box to place the whole lesson

  4. 1 x scoreboard

  5. 1 x server

  6. 1 set of teacher and student Head Up Display (HUD) giver

  7. 1 set of instruction boards

  8. 1 x student tool practice area

  9. 6 x tools table (with digital range finder, clinometer and measuring tape)

  10. 6 x paint rack

  11. 6 x standard rectangular building

  12. Access to online video training for teachers

  13. One year free maintenance of lesson area.

Hosting (required for first lesson package)

1 full standard 256m x 256m region (renew annually) for housing the lesson.

Each standard region can holds up to 4 - 6 lesson package.

Lesson Training Workshop for Teacher (Optional Pricing)

4 hours of face to face workshop

Setup walk through

Basic interface

Avatar navigation

Camera movement

Interacting with objects

Basic building skills

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