vL-LP-PS3-ENG-001-Creative Writing

Updated: May 22, 2020

Subject: English

Level: Primary 3 - 4

Chapter: Creative Writing

Topic / Sub-topic: Written expression by using four different pictures depicting the sequence of events that take place in the story.

Type: Individual or group work


This virtual learning lab consists of a total of 4 scenarios involving the sequence of events that take place as shown by a sequence of images.


Three boys are caught in a sudden thunderstorm and they seek shelter in an old dilapidated house where they encounter a creepy situation which sends shivers down their spine. Helpless and trapped, they encounter a ghostly experience which sends them running for their lives. The escape should be of their choice how to get away from the nightmare.

Each activity takes them step by step to immerse into the frightening experience and search for words and phrases which will help them describe their experience and explain creatively how they escape from their nightmare.

Activity Summary

Activity 1: Danger No 1 : A downpour sends three boys to run helter skelter into a lonely forested place and get lost in the wilderness.

Activity 2: Danger No 2 : Finding shelter in an old dilapidated house which is dusty and creepy, they hear sounds that send shivers down their spines.

Activity 3: Danger no 3 : The climax of their nightmare is when they encounter a ghostly figure that sends them fleeing from the shelter to save their lives.

Activity 4: Danger No 4 : Did the three boys come up with the best escape plan of their choice to overcome the terrifying encounter?

Students work in pairs or in groups of four or five to discuss the problems encountered in each event as depicted in the picture composition and come up with a narrative to describe the situation.

Students will start off by getting a HUD (Head-Up-Display) from a central rezzer station that will be used to enter their words and vocabulary to describe their experiences as they mov