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vLearn Lab is a highly interactive Virtual Social Open Space (VSOS) simulator that helps to bridge classroom knowledge and real world problem solving

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What Can vLearn Lab Do?

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  • Illustrate concepts and ideas visually.

  • Test student’s understanding of classroom concepts and theory through problem solving.

  • Allows educators the flexibility to vary the problem.

  • Share and collaborate with other educators.

  • Customized virtual lessons.

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  • Visualize concepts easily.

  • See how theories and concepts are applied in the real world.

  • Learn how to collaborate with their peers in problem solving scenario.

  • Have an authentic and fun learning experience.

Blended Learning



  • Virtual learning space

  • Flexible & customizable

  • Interactive learning

  • Virtual tools

Lesson Content.png

Lesson Content

  • Problem-based lesson

  • Ready to use digital content

  • Custom design lesson



  • Gamification

  • Collaboration

  • Interactive & experiential

Core Design Principles


Learn basic movement, point and click  for ease of use.

Phenomenon Learning

All standard lessons are design with a problem-based scenario approach.

Customized Lesson

If you have a lesson design in mind, we can custom build a problem scenario for you.

Free Resources

Free learning and teaching assets to add fun and engagement for the students.


Virtual Learning Space


Each virtual region is a 256m x 256m virtual space with simulation of land, sea and sky.

It is like a "web page" where your unique content is located and simulated.

Each region can house up to 4-6 learning activities or virtual lessons depending on the amount of 3D assets used and the complexity of the learning activities.

You can start with a single region and as your needs progress, new regions can be easily added and linked with existing ones offering absolute flexibility in scalability for your virtual learning world.

Real time multi-user collaboration

Multi-avatar virtual space

Each standard virtual region of vLearn Lab can accommodate up to 42 user avatars at the same time.


All users can see, interact, and collaborate with one another through common learning resources, make this platform a unique tool for exploratory and collaborative learning similar to a  real-life classroom.

This is the most unique feature of vLearn Lab.

Full Control 

Admin rights

You are in full control of your own learning regions. 

You can fully control who has the right to access your private learning areas and virtual land.

Within your own regions and virtual land, you can further define different areas of access rights for your members.


Customizable Avatars

Avatars are the digital representation of teachers and students.


They are highly customizable in terms of appearance to be unique and thus provide authentic simulations and enables participants to interact with objects in the virtual world.

A standard learning region can contain up to 2 teachers avatars and 40 students avatars for real-time interaction.

Built in Communication Tools

Public & private voice and text chat

Our virtual simulator comes built-in with a full set of communication tools.

You can voice chat and text using the public to all your students all at once. You can also call your student or text your student privately without the need to use any external tools such as google meet or Zoom.

This gives you absolute freedom to interact with your students in the appropriate situation.

Full Multimedia Integration

Multimedia Integration

Each learning region is capable of full multimedia integration such as stream music, playing stream video, displaying webpages / website, voice chat etc.

This means that if you have existing content like youtube video, web email, websites, LMS system, all can be integrated for use in your virtual learning space without having the leave your virtual space.

Design Your Own Lesson

Customize Lesson Activity

vLearn Lab is a very flexible platform.

It is designed to be able to design customized lessons for our client.

You supply us your lesson plan and we virtualize the lesson for you in your school's private virtual space.

You can also easily add additional 3D assets into your virtual space.


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Standard vLearn Lab Lesson & Hosting

  • Pre-built standard lessons

  • 1 x Virtual Region/Space (256m x 256m)

  • 20 student avatars & 2 teacher avatars 

  • Standard virtual lessons / region (up to 4 lessons)

  • Server hosting

  • Online training for teachers & trainers

Customised vLearn Lab_001.jpg

Custom Built Virtual Lesson Creation

  • Virtual Region/Space (256m x 256m)

  • 20 student avatars & 2 teacher avatars / region

  • Custom built virtual simulation.

  • Server hosting

  • Training video for teachers & trainers

  • Option for exclusive or non-exclusive licence.

  • Online training for teachers & trainers

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